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New Players

New players are encouraged and welcome to join our club regardless of their Chess level..

Key points :

Players without an (English Chess Federation) ECF grade: a mininum of 10 graded matches qualifies you for a grade.

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About Our Club: AGM Details 2016
AGM Table summary 2016
held Thurs 05 May 2016 19.30hrs - 20.45 hrs at West End Working mens Club were as follows:

Club subscriptions

  Proposal passed : Club subscriptions (reduced on previous year) 35
    Full member 35 Junior member 15 Casual member 15/Full Time Education


inclusive of ECF Bronze membership.

Optional ECF Bronze membership.

Optional of ECF Bronze membership.

More for those who prefer to play social chess rather than competitive league chess


Trophies awarded and presented :



W.N.Boydon Trophy :- Awarded to Parminder Sanghera. 9.5 WDCL points in the

Les Hesbrook Trophy :- Awarded Parminder Sanghera for achieving 95%



The Millennium Cup (minimum 10 games to qualify) : - Awarded to Parminder Sanghera for achieving the best percentage (92.11%) in matches played for the club in all leagues.


  The Bert Priest Trophy :- Awarded to Peter Pearson Jones.


Merit Cup : - Awarded to Geoff Rosser and Phil Porter for playing the most games 24 games each for the club last season. (24 games)



Club Championship Trophy:

  Winter Rapidplay Champion :

Runner up :

Spring Quickplay : no competition






Committee Representatives  

Nominated and elected as follows:

The Officers appointed at the AGM
Chair Frank Wood
Hon Secretary Michael Oakes
Fixtures Secretary Jonathan Hunt
Hon Treasurer Peter Tudor
Tournament Secretary Geoff Rosser
Webmaster and e Publicity Paul Walters
Publicity Officer Vacant
Records Secretary Paul Walters
Wolverhampton WDCL A (Div 1) Gordon Sands
Wolverhampton WDCL B (Div 3) Geoff Rosser
Birmingham BDCL (Div 1) Frank Wood
Dudley DDCL (Div 2)  
Cannock CDCL (Div 3) Frank Wood
Jackson Cup Captain (U140) - no team
Pittaway Cup  Gordon Sands
Humphreys Cup(U130) : Geoff Rosser
Webmaster Paul Walters


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