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Matches and fuel costs

A request stemming from the committee meeting 23/04/09.

Could everyone who car shares who has a lift please remember to contribute toward fuel costs if you can afford to.

Running a car isn't cheap, wear and tear, maintenance, fuel costs aren't cheap even for local matches and much higher for longer distance fixtures.

393 match games played this Winter season. Approximately 30 Away matches. Many miles are covered during a season.





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Attention all members this site needs your Input! Any exceptional or even interesting games you've played can be featured on the club website. Just Email the PGNs with optional comments.

Playing in a tournament soon? Any Chess achievements?

Email us and get a mention here. If you do well in any chess event you can gain a place on the special members achievement notice board in this section of the site.


Match News

Winter Season Leagues 2009/10

WDCL Pittaway Cup : 21/04/10 Round 3, the Final to be played at Bushbury CC (neutral venue) opponents yet to be confirmed.

Birmingham league :

A team: 08/04/10 Away playing Tamworth & District

01/04/10 scheduled Greenlands fixture has been forfeited due to away team having problems fielding a full team)

Wolverhampton league :
A Team: 18/03/10 Away playing Lichfield A(final match of Winter season)

B Team: 06/04/10 Away playing Rugeley (final match of Winter season)

Dudley league:
Div 1 Team: 14/04/10 Away playing Stourbridge

Div 2 Team: 29/04/10 Home playing Stourbridge(final match of Winter season)

Div 3 Team: 25/03/10 Home playing Boldmere St Michael's.

Cannock league :
16/03/10 Away playing Brewood(final match of Winter season)

Click Club team fixtures link for more details and scores.


BDCL A team:

WDCL A team:

WDCL B team: Win at Kidderminster

Cannock league:

Dudley League (Div 1):

Dudley League (Div 2):

Dudley League (Div 3): .

Members Achievements Noticeboards


06/08/09 Mike Townsend Wolverhampton Summer League Quickplay Joint winner of Major section.

Gordon Sands joint winner of Minor section.

18/12/08 Martin May wins Winter Blitz 10 club championship with a score of 5/6; Frank Wood 2nd 4/6; Keith Bate 3rd 3.5/6


04/09/08 Club rapidplay 15 mins Tourny. Ben Marlow 1st place, Martin May 2nd

Wolverhampton Summer League Quickplay 07/08/08:

Paul Walters U110 section outright winner scoring 4.5 points out 5.

Frank Wood 110+ section outright winner

WDCL Lightning Chess event Thurs 24 April. Paul Walters achieved joint 1st place in the Minor section by scoring 5 out of 6, 4 wins, 2 draws.

Blitz 10 Thurs 10 April

Rob Parker 1st place
Bob Khoshnevis 2nd place
Paul Walters 3rd place


Dominic Bader (7.5/8)/1st place 100+ Blitz 10 17/05/07

Martin May (5.5/8)/ 2nd place 100+ Blitz 10 17/05/07

Rob Parker (6.5/8)/1st place U100 Blitz 10 17/05/07

Paul Walters (5/8)/2nd place U100 Blitz 10 17/05/07

Blitz 10 points tables


Rob Parker 1st place winner of our club Blitz 5 min Championship event, Ungraded section..

Paul Walters 2nd place Runner up Blitz 5 min club championship, Ungraded Section.

Rob Parker joint 1st place winner, Minor section of the Wolverhampton Summer league Quickplay Aug 10 2006.

Robert Marshall retains his title as Wolverhampton Blitz Champion in the graded section.

Rob Parker 1st place winner of our club Blitz 5 min Championship event, Ungraded section..

Paul Walters 2nd place Runner up Blitz 5 min club championship, Ungraded Section.



All Wolverhampton Chess Club 2009/10 Winter and Summer fixtures on website. Winter League WDCL 2008/9 and all 2007/8 fixtures and archives. All club fixtures on this site.

Pittaway Cup Mega Final: Last year our team travelled to Stourbridge to play a strong Halesowen side who'd just been promoted from WDCL Div 2 to 1. This year we play last year's Pittaway Cup Final hosts Stourbridge. This year Stourbridge A have also been promoted from WDCL Div 2 to 1. Last year our team lacked some of our regular A team players. This year's Pittaway Cup Final may be a titanic battle. Can Wolverhampton retain the Pittaway Cup? April 21 2010 Bushbury Chess Club is a date for your chess diaries. May the Best team win!

Attention: 01/04/10 scheduled Greenlands fixture has been forfeited due to away team having problems fielding a full team.) Next BDCL A match Tamworth & District 08/04/10

25/02/10 Mike Townsend's adjourned game against D Gostelow of Shifnal & Telford A continues. Mike won so the final match score is 3-3. Well done Mike and all.

11/02/10 Our Cannock league team lose at home play St Mary's. WDCL A are trailing 1 point behind Shifnal & Telford A, score 2-3 with Mike Townsend's game adjourned.

A batch of somewhat belated results now added to website. Wolverhampton off to a winning start at Rushall in the Jackson Trophy competition.

04/02/10 BDCL A score 3-2 with 1 adjournment pending so we're guaranteed a match draw whatever happens. Well done team.

21/01/10 Busy night at our club with a total of 13 boards playing. Wolverhampton beat Stafford 5-3 in round 2 of the Pittaway Cup. Our WDCL B team draw with Walsall Kipping. With the score at 1.5-2.5 to the visitors board 4 would decide the match. Dave Wightman won on board 1 and maintains his 100% record. Paul won on 4 and Peter Jones on board 2. Well done all and thanks to visiting teams for the great contests.

19/01/10 WDCL A score at Halesowen 2 - 2 with 2 adjournments pending

14/01/10 BDCL A team beat visitors Olton B 4-2. Well done all.

17/12/09 WDCL A beat St George's A. Well done all. We put up a strong team. So 2 match wins before Christmas is a nice present. Next match 19/10 at Halesowen.

10/12/09 Well done to our WDCL A team for beating West Bromwich. Our bottom 2 boards fell to the visiting team so we were trailing behind. Frank Wood(Cap) drew on board 4 and this proved crucial to secure the win as our top 3 boards Mike Townsend, John Mangdwende and Phil Porter all triumphed. Frank's team are in action again next week playing St George's. Let's hope we emulate this weeks success and may the best team win. Happy Christmas everyone.

03/12/09 A busy night for our club with 3 matches to play. Frank's Dudley league Div 1 team achieved 2 draws on boards 1 and 2 but lost match 2 of their debut season at Warley Quinborne. Our Div 3 team played host to the Warley Quinborne Div 3 team and they also narrowly beat Wolverhampton.

Gordon's WDCL B team played Rushall B in the 2nd home match of the evening. Max won by default, Dave Wightman notched up another win and remains undefeated. Gordon and Richard lost on 3 and 2. Paul Walters faced a tricky and complex endgame but played it well and built on a time advantage. A draw was declined by the Rushall player but soon after time pressure led to a mistake and so Paul gained the full point we needed to win the match. Well done team and thanks to Rushall for another great battle. Wolverhampton B 3 Rushall B 2. A nice victory following the previous emphatic loss to Rushall A.

30/11/09 BDCL A draw at S Birmingham. Well done all on this great result.

26/11/09 Wolverhampton beat Halesowen 3-1 in the first ever Wolverhampton, Dudley league Div 1 match.

23/11/09 Our WDCL B had a tough match against Rushall A and lost 4-1 Away. David Wightman scored the only win of the night and remains undefeated this season on 5/5. Dave is an early contender for AGM trophies but can any of our members catch up?

12/11/09 Two home matches: Well done to our WDCL B team for beating visitors Bushbury. Our Dudley Div 2 team faced an unbeaten Boldmere St Michael's. Our team wasn't up to usual strength due to players supplementing our WDCL B but some good battles. Board 1 was close and Paul was optimistic about his position but low on time and blacks bishop pair trained on the white king.

05/11/09 Well done to our WDCL B team for beating visitors Boldmere St Michael's. A very close match.

03/11/09 Our BDCL A team lose at Olton 4-2 but well done to David Daniels who won his club debut match on board 1. Gordon Sands and Phil Porter drew.

29/10/09 Cannock league team: Barry's team achieve their 3rd consecutive Cannock league draw this season. Very well done to Jared Gill for acheiving his first club win of the season and to Dave Wightman for making it 2 out 2 in his debut season for our club.

Also a hearty welcome back to Munroe Morrison.

Attention All Members: Remember 15 Oct 2009. The first slow Club Championship in years!

Club Slow Championship. Club Championship Tournament 40 mins all moves. Thurs 15 October 2009. Trophy for winner.

30/09/09 Well done to our WDCL B for gaining the 1st match win of the season at Kidderminster. Max Wooton continues his winning streak and Richard Dawson and Steve Wilson gain their first WDCL wins of the season.

2009/10 New Members and returners

Welcome to all New members David Daniels and David Wightman, Matthew and Peter Tudor, Amrik and Jared Gill.

Also a hearty welcome back to Munroe Morrison. Great to see you back.

Welcome back to Peter Jones after a long absence.

Welcome back to Ben Marlow


Club Members Noticeboard

Attention All Members: Club Rapidplay Tournament 04/03/10. 20 mins all moves each player. 7.30 start. All members put it in you diary. Not to be missed!

Wolverhampton Show UPDATE:

Sat 11 & Sun 12 July 2009. What a fantastic weekend we all had. Great fun for all who attended and played friendlies.

A Great successful event. Wonderful to experience outdoor Chess at the Wolverhampton Show and to be a part of this huge event!

Thank you to all who turned up, helpers, players,the Wolverhampton show wouldn’t have been a success without members and key members such as Barry Lewis, Richard Dawson, Gordon Sands, Paul Walters and Steve Wilson (all subcommittee).  All helped during the weekend as well as Frank Wood, Mike Townsend, Max Wooton, Bob Khoshnevis, Colin Haughton, Mike Steed.  Ray Dolan of SCA did an excellent job on both days at promotion and playing public.   Also Peter Broomhall’s attendance on Sunday much appreciated!   Thank you all and to the many members of the public who played Chess games with us. A great Team effort!!!

Wolverhampton Show

Sat 11 and Sun 12 July 2009

Wolverhampton Chess Club will be present at this huge event.

Everyone come along, play some friendlies with some of our members. Check out our stall. Just want to find out more about Chess? See what our Chess Club is about.

Note: Perhaps all members could endeavor to tell their team captains of their availability for forthcoming matches. This will help your captain to fill a place if a player's absent and thus decrease the default board scenario/match rescheduling."


Chess Club Yahoo Group link

Club competitions and AGM trophy contenders 2009/10

08 April 2010


Millennium Cup: Dave Wightman is poised for this award as he has a 94.737% match performance amassing 18 wins out of 19.

Peter Hubbard has a had great season and is currently 2nd with 65%.


W N Boydon : Dave Wightman's Rugeley win escalates Dave Wightman's WDCL points to 7 equal with Max Wooton. Dave Wightman is undefeated in WDCL leagues and hasn't conceded draws. Well done to Max and Dave but even though there's 1 more match remaining.


Last year Max's 12 WDCL Points including 2 Pittaway Cup wins ensured the trophy last year.

Dave Wightman currently 7 points (1 WDCL A, 6 WDCL B)

Max Wooton currently 7 points, (3.5 for WDCL A, 3.5 for WDCL B) .

Merit Cup: Max Wooton currently leads having played 23 games.

Dave Wightman currently most points 18 from 19 matches and has a 8 point lead over Max Wooton who has 10 from 23 matches.







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